Business Phone Systems

What is a Business Phone System?

Modern business phone systems are referred to by many names:

  • Unified Communication
  • Real-time Communication
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • SIP
  • Mobility/Mobile First Communication
  • Hosted Cloud Phone
  • Managed PBX

With so many different options today, it’s more difficult than ever to make the correct phone system choice for your business.

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Why Switch to the Cloud?

At VanBelkum, we have a team of uniquely qualified individuals who work in conjunction with your organization to engineer, integrate, and maintain the best communication platform for your company. Our managed voice solutions make it affordable and easy for you to have fluid and reliable communication within your organization without the hassle and having to pay for unnecessary services.

You're Tired of Waiting For Service

Cloud Service = Faster Service

No need for a service member to come onsite to fix your phone system; our team is able to remotely fix any issue through the cloud

You're Worried About Server Downtime

Cloud Servers Are Always Up

If your internet or power goes down, we offer a variety of applications and software that allow you to operate remotely from your cell phone or separate internet connection.

You've Got Carrier Confusion

No Need To Worry About Carriers

At VanBelkum, we use our own carrier so you don’t have to deal with hold times and delays when you need service the most.

VOIP/Cloud Phone Systems: Old vs New

In the old days of analog phone systems, if the carrier has an issue or the power goes out, your phones are rendered useless until either the carrier fixes the issue or the power comes back on. 

  • With our cloud-hosted phone system, you are able to make calls through your office phone number with a regular cell phone or even a personal computer.
  • The cloud allows us to fix issues remotely without having to come onsite to diagnose and fix a problem. 
How do you Switch Phones Systems

Our extensive experience as a business phone service provider makes it easier than ever for you to switch to a cloud-based business phone system. All you need is an internet connection and our team will take care of the rest. We pride ourselves on customer service; we make sure that you have the answers your business needs, no matter how complicated or simple the solution may be.


We compare your old plan with our new plan in order to see what phone lines can be moved to a VOIP business phone system and save you money


We consult with your business to ensure we set up a plan that best suits the unique needs of your organization


We‘re your trusted advisor to make certain that your phone system is working to the best of its ability as technology and your business changes

Cost of a Cloud Phone System

In many cases, a managed business phone service costs less when compared to many of the big name providers. VanBelkum offers more value for the money you spend; We provide you with the resources and personalized service needed to ensure that your voice communication platform runs smoothly and allows your business to focus on what it does best.

It’s Easy, We Will Even Bid on it.

Request a quote, give us your RFP, we’re here to prove we are the best fit. If your organization is ready to explore a Cloud business phone system, fill out the form below and a VanBelkum representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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Business Features
Contact Center Advanced Call Queues Paging & Intercom
Flexible Time-Based Call Routing Hunt/Ring Groups Support for Video Calling
Inbound Caller ID & Dialed Number Routing Music/Message on Hold Secure Communications
Caller Blacklisting IVR/Automated Attendant Professional Prompts Voicemail Blasting
Caller ID pop up Call Park Announcements
Call Flow Control Conference Bridge Advanced Client Experience
Call Reporting Contact Directories
User Features
Call Transfer Personal IVR Menus Appointment reminders
Voicemail (Phone, web, email access) Caller ID (inbound & outbound) Voicemail reports
Add-on Features Web callback Multiple Party Conference
Voicemail Transcription International Calling Personal Conference Bridge
Personal Conference Bridge Enhanced Call Recording & User Evaluation Electronic Fax
Call Recording User Control Panel Advanced Queue Reports
Follow Me/Find Me Enhanced Parking
Phone Features
Graphical Parking Lot Call Flow Control Queue Login/Logout
Do Not Disturb Toggle Queues at a Glance Contacts
Graphical Conference Rooms Transfer to Voicemail Visual Voicemail
Call Forwarding Time Conditions