Structured Cabling

Commercial Cabling Solutions

A reliable network starts with proper cabling. From designing the layout to wiring installation to switch and WAP configuration, commercial cabling is critical to keeping your West Michigan business connected. VanBelkum has been installing network cabling in Grand Rapids businesses for over 25 years. CAT5e, CAT6, coaxial, fiber optic, HDMI, hardwired surveillance; you name it, we’ve designed, installed, and monitored it.

Monitoring Cable Networks

You know the expression “out of sight, out of mind”? Network wiring often falls victim to this mentality and small problems often go unnoticed. But when small problems turn into big problems, you need to be able to diagnose what’s wrong. Beyond installing commercial data cabling, VanBelkum provides a full suite of testing and monitoring capabilities.

structured cabling
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Why Should Your Business Upgrade?


You Need Guaranteed Speed/Thoroughput

Enjoy the benefits of modernization

From Cat6 to fiber optics, our cabling and network services give you the best (and most consistent) speeds possible

Your Cabling System Needs to Meet Industry Standards

Get peace of mind with Vanbelkum

We have over 25 years of expertise and knowledge working with commercial structured cabling standards in buildings across Michigan

You're Having Problems Troubleshooting

VanBelkum cabling is organized and well-documented

We will keep your electronic blueprint current and make sure everything is clearly labeled so there’s no confusion

You Have Legacy Equipment and Wiring

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Modernize with VanBelkum

We will disconnect old premise-based telephony/network equipment and dispose of it properly

Structured Cabling Services
  • Firewall Installation
  • Wireless Access Point Installation
  • Switch Installation
  • Legacy Equipment Removal
  • Demarc & Blackboard Cleanup
  • Paging
  • Site Surveying
Experienced Network Installation

VanBelkum has an experienced installation services team with over 25 years in the telecommunications field. Our team understands old premise telephony equipment as well as new state of the art networks.

Our structured cabling team is able to guarantee consistent speeds throughout your building while meeting industry standards for installations.

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