Total Cost of Ownership – Cloud Video

Total Cost of Ownership - Cloud Video Cloud Video Surveillance is taking off. From Nest Cameras to Arlo cameras, you are going to see cloud-based video surveillance pop up all over the place. Did you know that VanBelkum has been selling an enterprise-grade cloud-based video surveillance system for some time now?

Don’t Sign That Contract

Don't Sign That Contract Most businesses today have a variety of services that come into their offices. From internet connections to video conferencing, each service has its own contract that has to be monitored and maintained in order to continue normal business operations. It is quite easy to simply resign

Not All VoIP Providers Are Created Equal

Not All VoIP Providers are Created Equal Make sure you are getting the best service for your business! What is a VoIP Provider? Let's start with defining what a VoIP Provider truly is. A VoIP Provider is selling the next generation of voice communications. Instead of traditional