Is Your Office Ready for Remote Work?

Worried about interrupted workflow and customer service during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic? Interest in having a remote work plan has suddenly increased, and is becoming a priority overnight for some organizations. Some may feel prepared for the change in work environment, others are concerned about staying connected to customers and employees during this time. VanBelkum would like to make sure your transition to working from home goes smoothly.

VanBelkum specializes in getting organizations up to speed with the latest technology and software for remote voice and video communication. Whether you are trying to collaborate with a colleague or reach out to a customer, we are here to be your resource and make certain business operations continue to flow as they should.

Below are Work From Home Surveys and a page with some helpful resources, intended to ensure you and your employees are adequately prepared to take on the challenges that come with remote work.

Employer/manger survey
Employee Survey
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VanBelkum is prepared to answer any questions your organization may have. As a team, we are experts in helping businesses get up to date with remote communication and are here to be your resource. Please reach out to us with any concerns you may have; we will make sure there is little to no downtime in productivity for your company.

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