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If the recent Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration order has your organization scrambling to re-establish business operations with a distributed working-from-home team, you’re not alone.

If you and your employees are faced with an extended period of remote work, you might be wondering:

  • How secure is my customer data when everyone’s working from home?

  • Can my team securely access everything they need on our company network?

  • Are employees texting/video chatting/ talking to customers on their personal devices: what security issues does that raise?

  • Do I need to worry about Zoom?

  • Is my patchwork of voice, video and data solutions helping – or hindering – Productivity?

  • What if this happens again?

Secure Remote Work During the Coronavirus Crisis

Perfect For

Medical Offices
Financial Services
Legal Services
General Business

As Businesses large and small adjust to new working conditions, VanBelkum ensures your team works productively and securely.

For over 50 years, we’ve had a focus on real-time communications, Hundreds of West Michigan businesses rely on our secure, encrypted solutions:

  • Highest-quality voice software (PCI and SOX compliant)

  • Seamless call forwarding that works on team members’ own devices

  • Integrated high-quality video conferencing and SMS, MMS text messaging

  • Remote access to all company data stored on your network

Remote voice and video communications from VanBelkum securely extend your office into a work-from-home environment, allowing you to serve customers and connect employees with minimal disruption.

Deployed with Little-to-No Onsite Setup

Need to secure your voice and video collaborations capabilities?

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Per-User Pricing available for all voice and video solutions.

Helpful Work From Home Resources

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