Employee Work From Home Preparedness

The first step to working from home is to reflect on some basic questions and best practices that will help you stay productive while out of the office. Below is a simple checklist to get you started on planning how you can work from home most effectively.

Environment & Organization
  • Do you have a dedicated space that you can use for work?

  • Is there a space that is relatively quiet and distraction free?

  • Do you have a way to track your time?

  • Are you comfortable scheduling your day?

Office Tools & Network
  • Do you have a computer available at home that is comparable to what you use in the office?

  • What other tools are required to do your job? (ie. printer, fax, etc.)

  • Do you have a reliable internet connection? To test your internet speed CLICK HERE (We recommend 10Mb Download and 2Mb Upload, at the very least)

  • Are you able to securely access resources on your company’s internal network?

Communication Tools
  • Are you able to make one-to-one and conference phone calls?

  • Are you able to participate in one-to-one and conference video calls?

  • Do you have an internal Instant Messaging system to communicate with co-workers in real-time?

  • Do you have contact information for key co-workers/customers/vendors?

  • Have you and your Co-workers agreed on the best methods for communicating?

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