Employer Work From Home Preparedness

One of the biggest challenges in having a distributed workforce is the increased importance of clear and unambiguous communication. Of primary importance are the techniques (practices, policies, etc.) that your employees will use to communicate both internally and with your customers. Once you have those established, there are tools you may be interested in that can help you implement your procedures in the most seamless and friction-free way possible.

Communication Techniques
  • Communicate regularly but avoid micromanaging.
    • Understand how your employees work.
    • If one employee requires more contact than another, establish a consistent schedule of contact.
  • Get your employees comfortable with one-to-one video calls and conference calls.
    • Make sure they understand and are comfortable with the software needed for these capabilities.
    • Practice will make this feel more natural.
  • Have a clear and consistent policy in place regarding remote work.
    • Should largely match up with the in office policy as far as work hours and task management. the goal is to minimize the difference between working at home and working in the office.
    • Make sure the employees understand the policy. Particularly:
      • When it is appropriate (or perhaps required) to work from home.
      • Who needs to be notified when employee is working from home.

Communication Tools

An office environment provides a number of tools and capabilities that are often taken for granted. The following is a short list that is covered more comprehensively in our Employee Readiness Survey found HERE.

  • What are your current means of communicating remotely (ie. voice, video, instant messaging, text messaging, email, etc)?
    • Would these means be sufficient if the majority of the office is remote?
    • Are company based resources (ie. shared drives, internal mail servers, etc.) able to be accessed securely from outside the office?

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