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The expectation is that your business phone system should simply work. It should. We make sure it does. Always. But today, business communication is about much more than a phone system. It requires a communications platform that seamlessly integrates voice, video, messaging and data across devices and locations.

Forget the Past

Voice is Data

A phone system today is different. Today’s phone system is a combination of communication software and apps, secure cloud services, telephony service providers, mobility service providers, telephony gateways, VoIP endpoints, and integration to other IT systems. We call this “the 24 parts of the phone system.”

You will hear modern phone systems referred to by many names; unified communication, real-time communication, voice over IP, SIP, mobility or mobile first communication, hosted cloud phone, managed PBX. Whatever you call it, it is more difficult than ever to make the correct choice today.

These components require skills and experience in a number of different IT and business disciplines.  VanBelkum’s team is uniquely qualified to partner with your organization to design, engineer, procure, implement, maintain, integrate, and adapt the best communication platform to meet your needs.  VanBelkum’s managed service solutions make it affordable and allow your organization to focus on what you do best.

The Premise Network

Roads to the world

Not all roads are created equal. Service providers are abundant and ready to serve you. But there are many different deployment methods and technologies in which they allow your data to travel. At VanBelkum, we help you choose the best provider to fit your needs. We help you answer the hard questions about failover​ and redundancy that you might not have thought of. We want to ensure your business operates at optimal speeds without any major bumps in the road. VanBelkum’s solutions provide business continuation a​nd disaster recovery​ tools for your organization.

Internal Roads

The network within a business is the road through which information travels. At VanBelkum we use our best-practice network designs based on open standards a​nd our team’s experience​ with​ real-time communication​ to ensure the road on which your information travels performs as efficiently as possible.

Custom Software & Managed Cloud Solutions

As communications continue to evolve, we continue to develop new solutions to help your team communicate and collaborate more effectively. By combining proven cloud services, custom development, and VanBelkum Approved on-premise hardware, we are able to deliver exceptional applications that will increase your company’s performance in every aspect.

We’ve developed and integrated many technology solutions for various industries including:

  • Call Recording & Agent Evaluation
  • IP Cameras
  • IP-Based Card Access
  • “Hospitality Grade / Business Grade” Wireless
  • Network Firewall Appliance
  • Network SD-WAN
  • Dictation and Transcription Workflow

The VanBelkum Lab

VanBelkum understands that technology is a moving target. By continuously leveraging the knowledge of our customers and encouraging a high level of collaboration between our IT professionals and software developers, we are able to integrate, build and deliver the best managed communication solutions for our clients.

Our off-site lab, effective use of collaboration tools (like #slack), and our regularly scheduled DevOps meetings allow the team to push the envelope, ask “why?”, be disruptive and figure out how to deal with what’s coming next.

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